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Evergrain Composite Decking

When deciding if composite decking is right for your project, consider durability and maintenance versus cost. Composite decking is the rising star in deck material, mostly due to low maintenance requirements.  There are dozens of different brands of composite decking available, produced in different ways, and from various materials. Some include polypropylene, while others include polyethylene.  Some use virgin plastics while others offer recycled materials.  While some are 100% plastic, others have a percentage of mixed-in wood fiber.

EverGrain by Tamko

EverGrain Composite Decking MaterialWe have sold Evergrain for about 15 years .  Evergrain is made of polyethylene and contains wood fiber.  The appearance tends to be what really sets the different brands apart.  Evergrain is compression-molded, instead of extruded like other brands.  This gives it a nice deep wood grain texture that is more durable than one that is scratched into the surface and the board leaves the extruder.  EverGrain has been a product that has performed well and continues to be asked for by name.  The colors most readily available are Redwood, Cedar, Weathered Wood, and Cape Cod Gray from the Classic collection. Come by or call us at (210) 684-6493 for more information.

Envision by Tamko

The next generation of composite decking is here.  It is Envision decking.  This deck board offers the same embossed wood grain appearance with the added benefit of a PVC outer coating that offers superior scratch resistance and no fading.  This product also offers the look of real wood with four multi-shaded color options.  There are  color highlights throughout each board to emulate the natural color variations and textures present in real wood decking.  The available colors are Spiced Teak, Shaded Auburn, Grey Wood, and Rustic Walnut.  Stop by to see the colors choices.

Composite Decking available by Special Order

Please call (210) 684-6493 for pricing.

Evergrain Decking (Cedar, Redwood, & Weathered Wood Colors)12′16′20’
1" x 6" Evergrain DeckingYes!Yes!Yes!
1/2" x 12" Evergrain Skirting BoardYes!
Envision Decking (Spiced Teak, Shaded Auburn, Grey Wood, & Rustic Walnut Colors)16′20’
1" x 6" Envision DeckingYes!Yes!


 trex logo

If you are considering a composite material for your backyard, then you have probably come across the name Trex. Trex was one of the first brands of composite to hit the market and is still at the top of the list for many people. They offer a large assortment of products. The two that seem to be the most appealing and attractive are Select and Transcend. These two product lines offer endless possibilities for whatever look you are trying to achieve for your home. The new Select line replaces the Accents product line by combining the original composite core and wood grain texture with a durable PVC capstock similar to that of the Transcend product. The Trandscends line is a composite core with a PVC capstock, and gives you a much richer array of color options. You can stop by to see the color choices and talk about what you are looking to achieve for your home.

Composite Decking available by Special Order

Please come by or call (210) 684-6493 for pricing.