We are now stocking a selection of plywood products.  See below for a list of types and grades.

Finished Plywoods

Radiata Pine ACX Plywood

We have brought in some Radiata Pine ACX Plywood.  These are available in 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″.  If you need a clean sanded face with no voids this is something to look at.


Construction Plywoods

CDX Plywood

This is the most common and widely functional construction grade plywood.  It is available in both 1/2″ and 3/4″ thicknesses.  It is most often used for subfloor or sheathing material, as well as for roof decking.

5/8″ T1-11 Plywood Siding

We keep in stock both the 4″ on center and 8″ on center options.  It is often used for siding on houses, sheds, and frequently as the exposed roof decking on patio covers with exposed rafters.

Available For Special Orders

3/8″ Rough Textured Soffit Plywood

This plywood is most often used, as the name suggests, for soffit material.  The rafters on the underside of eaves on houses, as well as sheds and covered porches, are usually covered by this type of plywood to give a clean finish when being painted.

3/8″ Rough Okoume Plywood

This is a versatile plywood with a rough texture.  It is similar to the Pine Soffit Plywood above, but with Okoume on the face.  This give you the ability to have your soffit, or porch ceiling, stain up to match the surrounding Western Red Cedar lumber being used.  The Rough Okoume face has a very similar appearance to Rough Cedar.  Many times this is installed as a first course of roof decking when exposed rafters are desired.