Clear Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar

Braundera is proud to announce that we are now stocking Clear Vertical Grain Cedar in both 1x and some 2x dimensions.  We have 1×4, 1×6, 1×8, 1×12, 2×4, 2×6, and 2×8.

This grade, like most clear grades, is sold random length by the foot.  It comes in lengths ranging from 6’ to 16’ including both odd and even lengths.

Clear Vertical Grain is the highest grade of Western Red Cedar available.  It consists of all Clear Vertical Grain (edge sawn) Heartwood.

The 1″ material is S1S2E, which means it has one smooth face, two smooth edges, and one rough face.  The 2″ material is S4S, meaning it is smooth on all four sides.  Both contain decay-resistant heartwood, free of growth characteristics that affect appearance or performance.

This grade has excellent dimensional stability and holds a finish exceptionally well.

Clear cedar has many applications in architectural projects, both commercial and residential designs, fine furniture and cabinetry, saunas, or even hobby projects.

Whether you are an architect or home shop enthusiast that has not been able to find a nice enough grade of cedar to suit your need, then we have the solution.  Stop by and take a look.

Clear Cedar Tongue and Groove

We also have in stock some 1×6 D-Grade Cedar Tongue and Groove.  This is a lower grade of clear that will have mixed grain (some flat grain and some vertical grain).

It allows for few to no knots, but is still a substantial step above the usual Select Tight Knot grade.  This will also be sold random length, and comes in lengths 3′ – 16′ and is graded on the rough side.