Deck Accessories


Welded Wire for Deck Railing

We recently began to stock 6 gauge 4″ x 4″ Welded Wire for handrail infill.  It is American made.  We are Stocking 8′, 12′, and 20′ lengths.  These panels can be utilized in a variety of applications, from deck railing to ranch fences, or even vegetable garden trellises.

Cable Rail System by


Atlantis Rail Systems offers a stainless steel cable rail system that is attractive and durable, as well as, simple to install.  The Rail Easy system incorporates easy to use components and a simple 3 step installation. Click on the image below to see the installation instructions.


Decorative Balusters by


Deckorators and Solutions offer a variety of designs for any style or taste.  The powder coated aluminum means none of the upkeep that comes with traditional 2″ x 2″ wooden balusters.  You will still be able to achieve that traditional look with the Classic Balusters, which are available in stock in five different colors.  Installation is made simple with either the hidden or decorative connectors.  If you are looking for something more elegant, we also keep the Architectural Balusters in both styles and colors.    The rail connectors also make attaching the rails to the posts a breeze.

Deckorators offers options that we do not stock, such as the Colonial, Scenic, and Traditional balusters, which we are glad to special order.

Deck Lights by 


We stock Fortress Accents deck lighting.  It is a low voltage system that can be incorporated into either a Fortress handrail system or any wooden handrail project.  It is a sleek and easy to use system.

Decorative Post Caps by






Another great finishing touch to a deck rail or even a decorative fence is adding decorative post caps.  They are available in a variety of styles.  We stock four different cedar post caps for 4×4 posts including three cedar caps, and a copper top cap.  We also stock two pyramid caps that fit 6×6 posts. One cedar and one copper.

Post caps are both decorative and functional.  They help extend the life of your posts by protecting the endgrain where most moisture is absorbed.