Check Out This Structural Black Hardware!!!

The Team at OZCO Building Products are continually innovating in the Decorative Structural Tie Hardware world. They understand the needs of framing a project and wanting the connections to be just as Beautiful as the wood it is being built with. No one wants to see a galvanized joist hanger on a pergola or random nails just for security!!! OZCO has come up with a product for just about every connection that needs to be made in timber frame construction, from the Hex Cover Nuts to the Truss Fans and the Timber Bolts. Furthermore, if you visit their website you can view all of their hardware, projects with OWT Hardware installed, and they even provide plans for your project. They want you to succeed and be proud of the project you built!

Here at Braundera we do our best to keep a large selection of OWT Hardware in stock and can special order anything from their product line with a shipping fee.

  • Laredo Sunset     –   In Stock!!!
  • Ironwood               –   In Stock!!!

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