Super deck Wood Cleaner

Super Deck Wood Cleaner

Timeless Beauty

The natural beauty of wood is one of the many reasons it has found its way into our homes. It is a renewable resource that continues to form and side our homes, deck our backyards, and from time to time provides a nice bench to rest under a nice shade tree! One thing we know for sure is we all love the way wood looks, from raw to stained or painted wood has a timeless beauty that is hard to beat.

The problem we run into over time as we walk on our decks, as our animals track footprints and as our sidings get dusty. Our finishes eventually fail and allow water and dirt to penetrate the wood fiber causing the wood to grey and become very unsightly in certain situations. All these dilemmas can lead to mold or mildew. We eventually have to do some maintenance to clean our wood structures. SuperDeck Wood cleaner is formulated to be used in a variety of different cleaning dilutions from the toughest job to maintenance cleaning, this wood cleaner gets the job done!

What Should I Do?

So what do you do when your project starts looking like the fence in the pictures below.  SuperDeck Wood Cleaner is a concentrated product used to remove foreign matter from wood. This concentrated formula can be diluted to make up to 4 gallons depending on the strength needed for the job. You may find that the wood is mostly dusty or muddy. In this situation a solution of 1 to 3, to make 4 total gallons, will most likely get the job done. You can apply this product with a pump up sprayer, brush, or roller and let sit for up to 30 minutes making sure to keep it misted the entire time. In extreme situations leaving the WoodCleaner for the max allowed time is going to help dissolve and soften failed or oxidized coatings.


Our Fence only needed a good cleaning, it had alot of dust and dirt build up but the finish seemed to be fairly viable. We decided to mist the wood first then apply the SuperDeck Wood Cleaner with a pump up sprayer. We then waited about 3-5 minutes and proceeded to power wash the dirt  and cleaner off leaving the clean fence picket. Since the finish on the fence was still fairly viable, we chose not to let the cleaner sit for too long so it would not effect the integrity of the finish.

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