Cedar Balcony

Hog Panel Handrail and Cedar Balcony Built by Jean and Jody Poujardieu


Check Out this Awesome Cedar Balcony complete with Hog Panel Handrail and Cedar eaves

The Project

This Western Red Cedar Balcony compliments the natural beauty of the surrounding hill country while adding value and accessibility to the second story apartment/garage. This Cedar structure sits on 6×6 cedar posts  planted a minimum of 2 ft into the ground and pre-coated with a roof cement above and below grade to prevent premature rotting. They used 2×10 cedar for their rim joists and 2×8 cedar for the floor joist. Jean and Jody chose 2×6 premium cedar decking to finish the walking surface and 2×8 smooth cedar for top cap on the handrail for its stability and long lasting beauty.  As you can see in the pictures below, the 4×4 Hog Panel they choose to use as Handrail gives the balcony a bigger feel and an unobstructed view of the back yard and pool. You can see that these two guys really love the craftsmanship it takes to make a project like this POP!!!!

Why Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a great choice for just about any outdoor project. Cedar is known for its resilience in just about any weather condition, it is bug and rot resistant due to the tannins the cedar produces making the wood taste bitter to most bugs and acting as a natural water and sun repellent by turning its color to a silvery gray.

Preventative Measures

To prevent the graying and premature decay of this beautiful western red cedar they decided to pre-finish with a product by Sikkens/PPG called Cetol 1, a 3 coat finish used mostly for sidings, it was decided they would do the first coat with Cetol 1 color number “085 Teak” and the customer would do the second and third coats on his own.

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Cedar Balcony

Cedar Balcony

Cedar Eave

Hog Panel Handrail with Cedar Deck

4×4 Hog Panel Stair Case